Harsh environments

What exactly is a "harsh environment"? A harsh environment is characterised by extremes of heat/cold, moisture, vibration/shock, vacuum, radiation etc. Despite these extreme conditions, motion control systems comprising motors and drives must be able to continue functioning reliably. A typical customer requirement might look like this:

"The electrical actuator must remain fully-functional, even at temperatures down to -140°C. Can it be done ?"

Maccon is specialised in the design of motors and drive electronics for extreme environments. The customer requirement just described can only be fulfilled by a experienced company like Maccon, which has been developing such hardware for more than three decades. We actually did build a cryo-actuator for -140°C which can be seen in the image to the right.

The key features of the actuator are as follows:

  • Linear actuator with low backlash leadscrew
  • Compact design 60x75x58mm
  • Force > ±200N
  • Continuous holding force > ±1,200N
  • Stroke ± 5mm
  • Speed 5 to 20 mm/min
  • Resolution < 0.001mm
  • Accuracy < 0.05mm
  • Resolver feedback
  • Ambient temperature -140°C

We can develop motors and drives for extreme conditions exactly according to your specifications.

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Customer-specific cryo-actuator for temperatures down to -140°C