Electromechanical Products

By the term "Electromechanics" we mean all products which support and complement the classical motion control technology. For example, motors made for the mass market as well as clutches, holding magnets, sliprings, optical rotary joints, solenoids and constant torque hinges. Our product groups in this area include:

For the following product families, we refer you to you our partner company: Actronic-Solutions GmbH (www.actronic-solutions.de)

  • Stepper motors for mass production (as hybrid motors or as tin can motors)
  • Miniature motors for mass production (DC brushed or brushless)
  • Electrical wrap spring clutches
  • Sliprings (capsules or modular)
  • Linear solenoids and rotary solenoids (also bistable)
  • Voice coil actuators
  • Holding magnets (electro magnets with / without permanent magnet) or pure high performance holding magnets (permanent magnet) 
  • Constant torque hinges (e.g. for monitor positioning, also as VESA Monitor mount)


Single channel fiber optical rotary joint