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MACCON GmbH - Product Overview

MACCON is an internationally active technology leader for electric motors & drives, electro-mechanical actuators as well as traction and motion control systems with power ratings up to 250kW. Our main product groups are:

Applications for our technology may be found in the manfacturing and process industries, machine tools, aerospace, medicine and research. We have specialised know-how and experience in:

  • Development and production of electric motors and drives as well as electro-mechanical actuators (EMA)
  • Integration of motors, drives and auxiliary products in mechatronic systems, turn-key engineering
  • Solving of real-time motion challenges in machinces, processes and experiments
  • Achievement of precise, dynamic and smooth motion, also in multi-axis systems
  • Adaptation of our products to the host control as well as special mechanical interfaces and environments
  • Systems with high demands regarding reliability and availablity, employing redundancy when needed
  • Signal- and power conversion. We offer an extensive range of converter modules for applicactions in Hi-rel applications, such as defense and aerospace

We also serve applications in the fields of Alternative Energy and Electro-mobility:

  • Electric power generators (linear and rotary)
  • Traction and Propulsion motors for water vessels and road vehicles
  • Starter-generators
  • Energy conversion electronics

MACCON is a trade name in the field of Motion Control and high-performance electric motor technology.